The first IFS Logistics Certificate for a Forwarding Company in Bulgaria

IFS Logistics certification
September 11, 2023 coolspedadmin No Comments

The first IFS Logistics Certificate for a Forwarding Company in Bulgaria

“CoolSped LTD” Achieves High IFS Logistics 2.3 Certification Score – Higher Level (96.67%)

The leading logistics company in the country has become the first Bulgarian firm to successfully attain the IFS Logistics certification. This prestigious standard assesses the quality and safety of logistic operations and has, until now, been a privilege of international manufacturers and freight forwarders.

IFS Logistics represents a standard that sets strict requirements for quality and safety in logistics, covering everything from transportation and storage to distribution and handling. For clients, this standard serves as a symbol of guaranteed professionalism and safety in logistic services.

Under the leadership of Mr. G. Zhelev, “CoolSped LTD” has set a new standard by becoming the first Bulgarian freight forwarding company to obtain this prestigious certification. This achievement further solidifies and strengthens the company’s commitment to high standards in logistics and establishes it as an innovator in the refrigerated transport industry.

The audit result for “CoolSped LTD” according to the IFS Logistics 2.3 – higher level standard (96.67%) further emphasizes the company’s high level of professionalism.

Mr. G. Zhelev, the manager of “CoolSped LTD” shares: “This achievement is the result of our continuous dedication and efforts to provide high-quality services in the field of refrigerated transport to our clients. We believe that IFS Logistics certification confirms our readiness to deliver high-quality services to our clients and helps us maintain our leading position in the market.”

With this news, “CoolSped LTD” continues to be a pioneer and innovator in the field of logistics in Bulgaria, ensuring its clients that their logistics needs are served with professionalism and quality.

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